The Pharr Police Bicycle Patrol Unit was formed and began operation in 1996. The purposes of the Bicycle Patrol was to provide an alternative method of patrolling the City and to enhance our commitment to protect the quality of life for those who live, work or visit the City of Pharr.  Bike Officers emphasized a proactive approach, by interacting with citizens to better help address neighborhood problems and concerns.
Bicycle Patrol Officers receive specialized training. The training includes classroom instruction and practical exercises on bicycles. The practical training consists of:
  • Bicycle handling skills
  • Dismounts
  • Maneuvering drills
  • Patrol tactics
  • Speed drills
  • Long extended endurance rides
The Pharr Police Department Bike Instructors complement this training with the simulated difficulties of riding a bicycle at a fast pace, dismounting, and firing a weapon.
Patrolling & Traffic Enforcement
The Bicycle Patrol also provides regular patrol functions, increasing the patrol force. Bicycles give officers a distinct advantage by being able to better patrol areas not easily accessible to customary patrol. Due to their silence and stealth, officers are able to ride up to crimes before being noticed. The officers ride at all hours of the day and night. They are utilized in areas where repeated criminal activities occur such as potential gang activity, drug activity, and car burglaries.
Protection & Safety
Bicycle Patrol officers provide a uniformed presence that creates and promotes a comfort level for citizens in every aspect of the community. The officers ride in the neighborhoods, apartment complexes, business districts, parks and at special events. The officers also instruct adults and children in bicycle safety.