In Memory Of

Sgt. Jorge Luis (J.L.) Garcia

J. L. Garcia was born in San Benito on April 5th, 1962 where he spent his childhood. J. L. Garcia attended and graduated from San Benito High School in 1981. J. L. Garcia then attended Texas Southmost College in Brownsville in 1981 and majored in Criminal Justice. In 1985 J. L. Garcia was hired as a police officer with the city of Santa Rosa where he was an officer there for seven months until October of 1985. In 1986 J. L. Garcia was hired with the City of Pharr as a police officer. J. L. Garcia served as a police officer with the City of Pharr until November 29th, 2007 when he was promoted to sergeant. Sgt. Garcia lost his life in a traffic collision on Friday August 9th, 2013 as he was on the way to meet his officers at his new assignment at the Pharr bridge. Sgt. Garcia is survived by his wife Brenda and his two children Valerie Nicole Garcia and Daniel Jay Garcia.

Even before Sgt. Garcia was promoted, he was already an unofficial leader and mentor to junior officers. Sgt. Garcia was an extremely kindhearted individual and he was very knowledgeable officer who was always willing to assist and help anyone who needed help. Sgt. Garcia left behind a legacy of knowledge and compassion in innumerable officers that he either directly or indirectly mentored. Sgt. Garcia was the Pharr Police Department’s emergency management coordinator, was responsible for the departments hurricane preparedness and he was also the emergency vehicle operations instructor. Sgt. Garcia was also the departments use of force instructor and he was also responsible for the departments field training program that trained new officers how to be Pharr Police Officers. Sgt. Garcia was well liked and respected by his peers in the Pharr Police Department and other agencies around the area.

One of the young officers that Sgt. Garcia mentored was Max Longoria. Sgt. Garcia took Officer Longoria under his wing and due to the influence of Sgt. Garcia officer Longoria promoted to sergeant himself and he is now passing on the words of wisdom that Sgt. Garcia once gave him. Sgt. Longoria fondly remembers the advice that Sgt. Garcia once gave him. Sgt. Garcia advised Longoria that time is on his side and to slow it down. That if he slows down and thinks through the situation it will keep him and his career safe. By following Sgt. Garcia’s advise Sgt. Longoria has been able to promote up the ranks and as a sergeant with 21 years of service Sgt. Longoria is continuing the legacy that his mentor Sgt. J. L. Garcia started.