The Pharr Police Community Engagement Unit will serve as a community relations coordinator, forging partnerships with our residential and commercial sectors. Organize programs and activities that help build positive relationships between department members and the community; Also, to provide community members, with an improved understanding of departmental operations. The CEU will work with community groups, department members, and other community resources to identify and solve public safety problems within the community. The CEU will work with the Patrol Division Lieutenant’s to develop patrol deployment plans, which will allow officers to partake in problem-solving activities. The CEU will assist with the department’s response to events that may affect community relations, and will inform the Chief of Police and supervisory staff and will discuss on developments and needs related to the growth of the department’s community relations goals, as appropriate.

The Pharr Police Community Engagement Unit consist of 1 Pharr Police Sergeant and 3 Pharr Police Officers. If you have any questions or community concerns please reach out to them.

Community Engagement Unit Sgt
Daniel Garcia
(956) 402-4700 Ext.4842

Community Engagement Officer
David Trevino
956 402-4700 Ext. 4764

Community Engagement Officer
Christopher Hernandez
(956) 402-402-4700 Ext.4763

Community Engagement Officer
Steven Guerrero
(956) 402-4700 Ext.4762