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Pharr Police records department is an essential part of the Pharr Police Department, which is located at 1900 South Cage in Pharr, Texas.  The records department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Out records contact number is 956-784-7743. The department personnel assist the public in obtaining reports that consist of automobile accidents.  Offense reports, incident reports, etc. The department archives all police records pertaining to any incidents that occur within the city of Pharr, such as records of arrests that our officers have made or any other important documents that need to be filed.

The Pharr Police records department also operates a substation in the Las Milpas area.  The records substation department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Our contact number in the substation is 956-283-8085. The substation was open for the citizens to have easier access to police reports and be more convenient for the citizens of south site of Pharr.  The records clerk is there to assist you with automobile accidents, offense reports, incident reports or if you need to speak to a Pharr Police officer.


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The Pharr/Reynosa International Bridge is the only commercial bridge in Hidalgo county and is one of the most important bridges in the region due to the large commerce that is moved between the United States and Mexico.  The police department has a bridge operations office at location to provide police services 24 hrs. The bridge officers handle all police related calls and patrol their bridge premises.


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(Special Weapons and Tactics)

The Pharr Police Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team is comprised of Pharr Police Officers who have dual assignments within the Police Department, serving as investigators, patrol officers, or  supervisors. The Pharr Police S.W.A.T. team is called out to any high risk incident such as barricaded armed individuals, high risk search warrant, hostage situations, and Dignitary / V.I.P. Protection. The Pharr Police Department SWAT team works in conjunction with the Crisis Negotiator Unit and the primary mission is to save lives. The SWAT team is on-call 24 hours a day and responds immediately to calls for service from the Chief of Police.


The Pharr Police Department has an established Crisis Negotiations Team.  The goal in our team’s response is to peacefully resolve critical incidents.  We represent a commitment to strategies and tactics which reduce the chance of Police officers, citizens, and even the actor getting hurt or killed. Crisis Negotiators have to develop and maintain precise skills, knowledge, and training to be able to manage conflict in ways that will reduce tension, aggression, and violence.  Each Crisis Negotiator undergoes intensified training and must become certified. Sophisticated technical equipment is used by the team during incidents. Every critical incident is different and Crisis Negotiators are always prepared to respond to any situation that has exceeded normal patrol capabilities. There are only a few chosen Crisis Negotiators who form this specialized cross-trained team.  So each member is special and ready to play any important role the team needs.

Qualifications:  The officer must possess excellent communications skills.  He must be able to undergo and pass testing to classify actor’s personalities in critical incidents.  The officer must have at least two years of service with the Pharr Police Department. Each candidate will have an intense background report formed with qualifications.  Officers will be tested by an oral review board, written essay, and classroom hours. The officers must pass practical situations that are closely monitored and scored while the officer is placed under stress.  The officer upon completion of a Basic Crisis Negotiator’s course must pass an Advance Crisis Negotiator’s Course within one year and then; train no less than 40 hours per year thereafter.

The Pharr Police Department’s Crisis Negotiations Team has been instrumental in successfully resolving numerous critical incidents.  The Team trains and works with other area Negotiators, such as F.B.I. Agent Negotiators. Crisis Negotiators are called upon in response to critical incidents and work alongside the Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Team.


The Pharr Police Department has provided training to its members in Community Policing.  The Officers have been trained to better understand the needs of our community. Our officers on their daily patrols focus on community problems.  These problems are not only criminal offenses, but other problems such as insufficient parking, traffic congestion, poor lighting, and junked or abandoned vehicles.  The officers act to resolve these problem areas, which our citizens are affected by and at times don’t know who to call upon. The City of Pharr has had a great response to building Neighborhood Watch programs.  Residential block meetings are held and everyone is joined to look out for others. This program led by a “Block Captain” has been instrumental in alerting our Patrol officers to criminal activity on several occasions.  Community Policing has also participated in several city wide projects that clean neighborhoods of long weeds, junked vehicles, dumped tires, etc. The Community Police Officers also are active with the Pharr Chamber of Commerce projects.

Numerous Pharr Police Department employees live within the City of Pharr.  Our community concerns are witnessed or learned first hand. We are able to apply resources to help address problems in our community.  We are strong believers in Law Enforcement and recognize that our community serves as our eyes and ears. Our community has made the Pharr Police Department what it is today.  Our Pharr Police Department Officers work hard and are fully committed to bring Pharr citizens a safe family environment and comfortable place to live and work.