​ Pharr Police records department is an essential part of the Pharr Police Department, which is located at 1900 South Cage Blvd. in Pharr, Texas. The records department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our records contact number is 956-402-4880. The records department assists the public in obtaining reports that consist of automobile accidents, offense reports, incident reports, or if somebody from the public needs to speak to a Pharr Police officer. The records department also assists the public with Clearance Letters, Alarms (take payments, alarm renewals, new applications for alarms, etc.), provide public with vacant house forms, ride along forms, blue forms, and provide the public with Public Information request forms if they wish to request information. The department archives all police records pertaining to any incidents that occur within the city of Pharr, such as records of arrests that our officers have made or any other important documents that need to be filed.

​ The members of the public can obtain a crash report for a fee of $6.00. The requestor would need to provide records personnel with the case # and/or date, time, location, and the name of one party involved in the crash.

​ Public Information requests must be in writing and can be submitted online through the City of Pharr’s website Online Public Records Center. You may also submit the request in person at 1900 S. Cage Blvd., Pharr, Texas; by fax at (956) 784-7839; or by mail at 1900 S. Cage Blvd., Pharr, Texas 78577. A public information request does not need to contain any particular language, but it’s important to be specific. .

​ Crime Statistics of known index crime offenses from the records of complaints from victims, reports from witnesses and from crimes discovered by the agency during its operations.